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11 HR Tools to Help You Recruit Better

The role of the Human Resource professional is about to change dramatically. Technology is at its best this year with the help of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, automated software. The goal of an organization to retain top talent and improve the productivity of its employees is to set aside tedious and time-consuming tasks using technology. The benefit of this mindset is recruiters can spend time focusing on significant projects or developing strategies to improve the way their company hires and retains top talent.

The self-service HR practices in the previous years has improved with the HR software and technology listed below.

The Best HR Software Tools

1. Online HRMS Tool: Sage HRMS

Sage is used by professionals for talent management to help HR provide data to reduce turnover costs and it can provide contact information to HR advisors in the community to improve your organization.

2. Too for HR Forms: JotForm

JotForm is an online HR forms platform that lets you create custom online forms and collect data, without having to write any code. JotForm allows HR professionals to easily create custom job application forms, employee onboarding forms, leave request forms, employee feedback forms, performance review forms, award nomination forms, and more. JotForm integrates with dozens of business tools including Salesforce and Dropbox. JotForm Cards offers 2 formats, Classic and Cards, depending on if you'd like your form to ask questions all on 1 page or one question at a time.

3. Online Job Posting: Glassdoor & Indeed Job Advertising

Glassdoor has recently launched a partnership with Indeed, which means employers can now tell their brand story across two industry-leading platforms to help you more effectively find, hire and retain the right talent. Sponsoring a job on Indeed will now get your job posted on Glassdoor too and the #1 reason why people come to Glassdoor is to search for jobs. 9 out of 10 (89%) here are actively looking for jobs or open to new opportunities.

Therefore, advertising your jobs in front of these informed candidates at the exact moment they're forming opinions and making decisions is what Glassdoor offers. Once you sponsor your job, it will be live on both Glassdoor and Indeed within a few hours. Get started!

4. Online Payroll & Benefits Tool: Gusto

Gusto has a one-month free trial for new users to test the HR software before purchasing. One of the perks of using it is employees receive pay stubs and tax documentation straight to their cell phone via a link. Employees have the freedom to enroll themselves to a selection of benefits on their own time. Integrations of other software such as Xero, QuickBooks and Aplos can be added.

5. Employee Engagement Tool: ClearCompany

ClearCompany helps with employee engagement and hiring new employees. An app allows recruiters to hire applicants that are a closer fit to job postings. The way it works is its platform tracks the performance of employees to find the right candidates which in turn decreases the cost of re-hiring when hiring mistakes are made. A human resources departments goals are inputted into the software for it to improve its chances of providing accurate data and metrics.

6. Online Payroll and Employee Scheduling Tool: APS Payroll

APS Payroll has an abundance of features that includes employee scheduling, time tracking, onboarding, and payroll. While scheduling, the system keeps into account payroll data to ensure you have the budget to schedule the right number of employees.

HR specialists can customize reports using templates that pull data to reflect your labor costs with the eligibility of employee benefits.

7. Online HR Tool: BambooHR

BambooHR is used by both small and medium-sized businesses with multiple currencies if you have offices in international countries. An organization can track data on employee turnover and retention rates to make educated decisions. You can limit the number of access to specific users to specific information, and multiple users can use the platform at the same time.

8. Compensation Tool: Kronos

Kronos is cloud-based helping human resources figure out easier ways to input and review compensation, attendance, compensation planning and performance management. Managers can benefit from information by human resources using this platform with information on late arrivals, labor laws, and vacation time.


iCIMS is a centralized place for recruiters to access job board postings without multiple tabs open in an internet browser. It can help improve their ability to work more efficiently because it tracks recruiting success through reporting.

8. Performance Management: Halogen Performance

In Halogen Performance HR software, you can input employee performance in this collaborative tool that generates coaching tips and helps spread recognition through the database. Employee engagement can be improved with electrified resource libraries connected to employee profiles to help them improve their career development.

10. Project Management Tool:

Monday is used to have conversations with teams in one centralized place reducing long threads of emails. It is a helpful project management tool to keep HR directors in touch with assignments their team is working on. A few apps can be connected that includes Zapier, Google+, Drobox and Google Drive.

11. Online Benefits Tool: Zenefits

Zenefits provides up to date federal compliance information for human resources teams. A busy HR specialist on the go can depend on its automatic reminders to meet project deadlines. You can connect apps such as Hive, Asana, and Office 365 into the software.

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