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How to Increase Candidate Awareness, Hiring Volume, Diversity, and More!

As a hiring manager or recruiter, you're balancing a lot of different priorities at once. While you're trying to focus on promoting your employer brand and scaling your hiring, you also need to make sure those hires represent a wide range of diverse candidates with a low cost per hire. And while you're at it, why not expand candidate awareness of your company and showcase your organization's transparent culture?

It can be a lot for one person or even a team of people to handle, so we want to let you in on a little secret that some of the best organizations in the world already know: you don't have to go it alone.

Hundreds of brands partner with recruiting and hiring support partners like Glassdoor to pursue specific goals or to troubleshoot a hiring challenge and plan the best course together. And the results speak for themselves.

If you're in the process of planning a new round of hires or you're simply hungry for a newer, better way to find the right candidates for your open roles, read on to learn how partnering with Glassdoor can help:

Benefit #1: Greater candidate awareness

One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting candidates for open roles is making sure candidates are aware of your brand, benefits, and open roles. And in an active industry where other companies are competing for candidates with the same skills and levels of experience, getting eyes on your job listings can sometimes feel like a losing battle.

That's just what leading credit report repair services provider Progrexion was experiencing as it looked to improve brand recognition and increase company awareness in a competitive market. The company partnered with Glassdoor to deploy targeted job ads for prospective hires and develop an enhanced profile that helped job candidates understand the company culture through company updates, photos, and videos. As a result, Progrexion saw a 63% increase in new followers and has maintained a ratio of 27 resumes per hire.

Click here to learn more about Progrexion's experience with Glassdoor.

Benefit #2: Increased hiring volume

When your business is growing, it can place undue pressure on the recruiting team to find more candidates in a short period of time. Without support, recruiters can find themselves scrambling to find skilled hires in a sea of unqualified candidates or simply missing their recruiting goals - a lose-lose scenario for everyone.

Compass One Healthcare was in a position to grow their brand awareness and attract job seekers in a competitive market and it knew it needed support. Working with Glassdoor, they saw a 134% increase in monthly page views and a 30% increase in candidate pipeline. As a result, they benefited from a 20% increase in hiring volume without having to significantly expand the recruiting team or hit pause on the company's growth.

Click here to learn more about Compass One Healthcare's experience with Glassdoor.


Benefit #3: More diverse hires

Diversity and inclusion efforts have exploded into a major focus for HR teams and recruiters, and for good reason: more diverse companies are shown to be more profitable, more creative, and make better decisions. And that's why many companies see the benefits of working with a partner like Glassdoor to increase their efforts in recruiting and hiring from a more diverse candidate pool.

That's definitely the case for the secure file sharing, storage, and collaboration Box. Sales Recruiting Manager Alison Covarrubias first used the platform's company comparing tool for competitive research for recruiting, but quickly expanded into using the tool to find opportunities for improvement. She found Glassdoor specifically helped her team recruit Millennials because it allows those candidates to receive information in the way they want to receive it and get information from peers. They also got great information from the site they could use in a targeted campaign for recruiting more female engineers.

Click here to hear more from Box's Sales Recruiting Manager Alison Covarrubias.

Benefit #4: Reduced cost per hire

Cost per hire is an important metric that companies track to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and productivity in the recruiting process. When that number climbs - when you're spending more time and resources on each position you're trying to fill - it also means more roles are going unfilled for longer periods of time and your skills as a recruiter aren't being used in the most productive way possible.

For OpenMarket, a mobile messaging software, cost per hire was an important metric to track because the company competes for talent against prominent tech giants in the same space. Working with Glassdoor to develop targeted job ads helped them increase visibility for roles, recruit more female candidates, and paint a more accurate picture of the company culture - as a result, 2017 found the company with two times the apply start rate compared to the industry average and a total of 106 hires.

Click here to learn more about OpenMarket's experience with Glassdoor.

Benefit #5: Increased corporate transparency

For organizations that understand the benefits of corporate transparency when it comes to pay, communications, and information, the next step is to make it happen. But how do you make the leap from a traditional organization to a transparent one?

When Facebook wanted to be more transparent in their communications with employees and job seekers, they turned to Glassdoor. Lisa Clements, Senior Director for Facebook Recruiting, Programs, Operations and Innovation, found that building an enhanced employer's page allows candidates to do their research and come to interviews with informed questions. Post-interview, the interview reviews provide a lot of clarity around candidate experience and provide an opportunity to make tweaks to the recruiting process. As a result, they've found it's easier to find and hire people who believe in their mission of connecting the world.

Click here to hear more from Facebook's Senior Director for Facebook Recruiting, Programs, Operations and Innovation Lisa Clements.

Whether your #1 priority is on this list or you need to work with a trusted advisor to figure out what your priorities should be, Glassdoor can help. Our experience partnering with and supporting organizations around the world has given us insight into the best tools, processes, and products to help your unique organization meet your unique goals. When you're ready to find out more, reach out to us to get a custom quote!

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