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Inside the top 3 businesses ranked Best Places to Work in 2022

It's that time of year again when Glassdoor recognizes 100 large businesses and 50 small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. as a Best Place to Work. 

Businesses that have earned this honor share a major commonality: they approach workplace policies from a people-first perspective - something that proves to be increasingly important as the pandemic and its related uncertainties continues. 

Looking at three top-ranked companies of 2022 - which include gaming supplier NVIDIA, market research firm Bain and Company, and marketing and customer support software Hubspot - we've determined that the top three best places to work: 

  1. Consider culture a core value and commit to operating as a unified team (rather than emphasize hierarchy)
  2. Provide benefits that go above and beyond standard offerings
  3. Leverage Glassdoor's employer profile to hear from their employees and gauge their satisfaction at work

#1: NVIDIA, technology, rating 4.6 

NVIDIA is a leading innovator in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, best known for their work in graphics (they invented graphics processing units or GPUs) and as chipmakers for video games. The California-based company was founded in 1993 and has more than 50 offices worldwide.

What makes NVIDIA a Best Place to Work?

1. They follow "OneTeam" principles

NVIDIA uses the OneTeam leadership framework, which is a process or journey that aligns leadership with their teams to improve overall performance. OneTeam helps decrease an emphasis on hierarchy and creates a unified mentality throughout the company.

This mode of operation is so important to the company, in fact, that they note it explicitly on their website: "There's only one team at NVIDIA. That means no politics, no hierarchy. Reporting lines exist, but teams form around projects based on the skills that are required. As a leading technology innovator, we continuously take risks and regard failure as a step toward success. We treat each other with candor and respect, and strive for excellence in whatever we do."

2. A "gold mine" of benefits and a CEO who puts family first 

At NVIDIA, employees note that, in addition to competitive base salaries, they're also well-compensated with a potential "gold mine" when it comes to stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs). The company also offers unlimited paid time off, which helps to balance the heady workloads and challenging nature of the work.

Another bright spot was President and CEO Jensen Huang's response to the ongoing pandemic. Not only did NVIDIA implement an optional return-to-office policy for employees, Huang was also adamant and open about wanting employees to "put family first." The company currently offers subsidized child care and ample medical and health coverage to help assist employees and their families. 

#2: HubSpot, technology, rating 4.6 

Founded in 2006, Hubspot is a fast-growing sales, marketing, and customer service software company based in Massachusetts. 

They previously appeared on our small and medium business list, but their steady growth has landed them in a top spot in our large business category. Undoubtedly, their employee-first policies have helped them earn their Best Place to Work title.

What makes HubSpot a Best Place to Work?

1. "Humans first, Hubspotters second." 

This quote was pulled directly from a Glassdoor review by a Hubspot employee who says this phrase is frequently heard around the company. It's a great indication that the company values their employees as whole beings rather than just cogs in the machine. HubSpot supports this humans-first model with policies like flexible work, unlimited PTO with an additional $1000 towards that time off, and a sabbatical program.

2. Modern and mental health benefits 

Hubspot offers employees an impressive array of health benefits as well as an additional week off during the summer. In June of 2021, the company also rolled out a partnership with the mental health and coaching platform Modern Health. 

"Between adjusting to remote work, caregiving, and heartbreaking headlines around racial injustices, violence, and COVID-19 around the world, we wanted to support employees by offering a program that gave a variety of resources," said Elissa Barrett, VP of HR at HubSpot. "By rolling out Modern Health's platform, we were able to provide employees with accessible mental health support, regardless of location, and help us build a culture that normalizes and encourages mental health and well-being."

#3: Bain and Company, consulting, rating 4.6 

Bain & Company is a global consulting firm with 63 offices in 38 countries. Founded in 1973, the company partners with clients from a range of industries helping them tackle everything from organizational change to sales and marketing challenges, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Bain & Company is among the few businesses that have appeared on our Best Places to Work list for all 14 years.

What makes Bain & Company a Best Place to Work?

1. Collaboration and kindness form the company's DNA

"Bainies" (as employees often describe themselves) say that Bain and Company's commitment to collaboration and support is taken seriously. Employees are encouraged to lean on each other to share knowledge and offer support.

One of the first things new employees learn upon joining the company is its informal motto: "A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail." Like NVIDIA, Bain and Company also follows a OneTeam principle to foster a culture of togetherness that focuses on problem-solving rather than in-fighting.

2. They support personal and professional growth

Apart from the interesting work and dynamic problem-solving (factors that often come up among the top-ranked places to work), employees say that Bain & Company places a big emphasis on career progression and skills development.

But professional development isn't the only thing that's nurtured. The company is also known for their progressive healthcare and parental leave policies, which allow employees to better balance personal and professional growth.

It's clear that what sets these top three businesses apart is their willingness to hear and learn from their employees' experiences combined with thoroughly innovative and exceptionally people-first policies. Luckily, hearing from your employees is simple! Leverage your free Glassdoor employer profile today to get started.