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Introducing Glassdoor Review Intelligence™

The way your employees feel about working for your company is, ultimately, your employer brand. It's that authentic, lived experience that your people have day in, day out for the duration of their tenure at your company. It shapes their honest perception of what it's like to be one of your employees. That's why it's so important to listen to your employees' candid input and really understand what's driving your reviews and ratings on Glassdoor.

A great employee experience creates a positive employee voice, which fuels a great employer brand. A great employer brand in turn attracts people who will thrive, which in turn fuels a great employee experience. It's a virtuous cycle, one critical to fostering short- and long-term success of your company.

But reading through all of your Glassdoor reviews can be overwhelming. And manually extracting critical insights is time consuming, meaning that valuable insights can get buried. In fact, surveyed employers spend over 50 hours a year analyzing their Glassdoor reviews.* We built Review Intelligence™to make it much easier to analyze Glassdoor reviews and take the guesswork out of what your employees are saying about you.

How Review Intelligence™ works

Review Intelligence™ is a powerful sentiment analysis tool that allows employers to unlock insights from employee reviews and understand the "why" behind their ratings, surfacing valuable patterns in feedback so you can better inform your employer brand strategy. Lengthy reviews are distilled into a clear picture of sentiment so employers can discover what's working, what's not, why and where, without having to parse through potentially hundreds of reviews. Review Intelligence™ automatically surfaces insights hidden in employee reviews, enabling talent professionals to more effectively drive improvements to their employee experience.

Listen: Effortless Insights

Surface what matters to employees and candidates. Our natural language processing (NLP) engine automatically sifts through your reviews to understand sentiment and transform it into high-level insights:

  • Detect and categorizes popular review topics
  • Identify which review topics need attention based on positive or negative sentiment

Analyze: A Closer Look

Drill deep into the most common review topics, so you can easily identify bright spots and areas in need of immediate attention. Dig deeper into various review topics including Management, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion to reveal hidden insights.

  • Pull and surfaces key quotes from new reviews
  • Break down sentiment and feedback by job function and country

Report: Informed Leadership

Bring insights and reporting to leadership to drive improvements in the employee experience. Share compelling executive summaries with leaders that will drive improvements in your employee experience:

  • Show key changes in sentiment over time
  • Benchmark your company's sentiment against competitors to inform your unique employer brand

The best employer brands are built organically and authentically by people, not artificially through formal process or top-down by executives. That's why it's so important to build your employer brand organically - by treating your people well, ensuring a widespread feeling of belonging, and listening to and learning from real feedback in Glassdoor reviews. It's only then that the genuine story about your workplace - told by the people who know it best - will serve to draw more great people, diverse perspectives and innovation to your company.

*Source: Survey of 168 Glassdoor employer users conducted August 11-28, 2020. Based on average reported quarterly time spent.