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Intuit Recruiter Reveals Social Media Secrets

When Leslie Mason, recruiter at Intuit, took her first recruiting job fresh out of college, the only networking tools she had were a phone book and a telephone that was hard-wired to a wall.

These days, Mason has a much more robust tool kit. As senior recruiter of executive talent at Intuit, the global financial software company, she has mastered the art of using YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare and even Pinterest to recruit hard to find talent.

“You have to go where the people you want to recruit are spending their time,” she says of her social media strategy. “This changes all the time so staying current on the latest social sites is paramount.”

Mason met with me earlier this month to offer her advice on how to make the most of social media for recruiting.

Every recruiter today uses LinkedIn. How do you stand out in that crowd?

LinkedIn is the most popular social site for recruiters, so you have to be strategic. I have found LinkedIn Groups to be one of the most valuable – and underutilized – features on LinkedIn. You can join up to 50 groups, and when you join you can email group members without using an InMail. This is a great way to create relationships with prospective candidates.

I pick groups that attract my target talent pool. For example, the Java Developers Group has more than 7,600 members, as does the Mobile Developers Group. Once I join a group, I build relationships by reading posts, commenting and contributing to the discussions.

How do you use Twitter as a recruiting tool?

I love Twitter and this is my favorite mobile app. When I’m waiting somewhere, I pull out my smart phone to see notifications of who has shared my content, sent me a direct message or started following me. It is such a treat to see a top influencer in technology follow me, and it opens the door to start a conversation with them and create an ongoing social relationship.

One of the best kept secrets about recruiting on Twitter is that not only can you find great candidates and see who they follow; you can also see their lists. Twitter lists are usually comprised of the same type people – lists of co-workers and influencers they follow – which can be a great resource.

What other social media sites do you like?

I use YouTube to promote openings with videos of hiring managers talking about their job, the team and the company culture. I also use it to search for industry leaders. When they post video presentations I like, I comment, then I use those comments to start conversations. You would be surprised how positively people respond when you mention that you saw their video.

Slideshare is another great site for finding talent. It’s similar to YouTube, only with PowerPoint slide presentations. The best people often speak at events or other groups, and typically they will post their presentations to Slideshare. When I find someone I like, I follow them on Slideshare and see who they are following. You can also approach people through this channel to see if it makes a difference in your response rate.

I also received a very positive response when I created a Pinterest board recently to search for a social media marketing manager. Several people commented on how it was a creative and informative way to showcase recruiting information.

What did you put on the Pinterest board?

I included pictures of the campus where the role was located, videos from our YouTube channel about the company culture and the job description, as well as statistics showing us as a social media innovator.

Pinterest is a great place to search for UX/UI designers and marketing and social media talent. I’m seeing more technology related boards out there now.

What advice would you offer recruiters about making the most of social media?

I’m seeing more people leaving LinkedIn all the time, so we really need to be creative when looking for talent, and use as many tools as possible.

Don’t overlook searching on Quora, MeetUps Google+, and Q&A boards. And don’t forget to go old school and pick up the phone. Most of all, remember that social isn’t social if you are not having a conversation.

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