Job Candidates Are Going Mobile: Are You?|Job Candidates Are Going Mobile: Are You?

Job Candidates Are Going Mobile: Are You?

If you want your small business to stand a chance of attracting the best and brightest employees, you need to understand “Gen Mobile.” And no—that’s not another name for Millennials. Gen Mobile employees can be any age; they’re defined by their preferences for using mobile devices at work and for being able to work anywhere (not just in an office). Aruba Networks, which conducted a global study to identify this new breed of employee, has some more information and advice for attracting and retaining Gen Mobile.

Here’s what you need to know about Gen Mobile:

  • They love working from home. The majority (79 percent of U.S. respondents) say they feel most productive when working from home. In addition, 53 percent would rather be able to work from home two or three days a week than get a 10 percent raise.
  • They prefer nontraditional work hours. More than half (55 percent of U.S. respondents) say they are most efficient before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Seventy percent prefer flexible hours to working 9 to 5, even if working 9 to 5 includes getting off work early on Fridays.
  • They’re big BYOD fans. Nearly one-third (32 percent) would rather have their employers pay for the smartphones they want than get a raise; 38 percent would rather BYOD (bring their own devices) than have a window office.

Gen Mobile doesn’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk. Nearly all (86 percent) own two or more connected mobile devices; 64 percent own three or more and 39 percent own four or more. They’re 20 percent more likely than other employees to answer work email on their mobile devices.

How can you attract and keep Gen Mobile?

  • Offer flexible work hours and the option to work remotely.
  • Either allow BYOD or, if you pay for mobile devices, give workers a choice in which devices they pick.
  • Encourage employees to disconnect from time to time, through “no-email days” or by setting limits such as no work-related communication before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Gen Mobile is the wave of the future, with nearly 40 percent saying they expect to work remotely more often this year—so accommodating their desires will be key to building a strong work force going forward.

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