How Recruiters Can Benefit From Glassdoor Job Explorer

Today Glassdoor debuted Job Explorer, an interactive job search mapping tool designed to help job seekers quickly pinpoint available jobs as an individual or as a couple, and identify alternate career paths. In this blog I’ll highlight what Job Explorer offers in a bit more detail and then share how recruiters can use this tool.

What is Glassdoor Job Explorer?  

Glassdoor Job Explorer offers two free tools to job seekers:

Job Map & Opportunity Score: Helps people find the best opportunities for jobs in the US – I’m not just talking about looking at a map with job openings. Job Explorer shows you locations with the best opportunities because it takes into account other key factors like population and unemployment rates.  In other words, it helps you to see where you, and your significant other, have the highest probability of finding work.

For dual-income households, Job Explorer can perform two job searches at the same time, identifying regions throughout the U.S. that offer the best combined opportunities for a couple. For example, if one spouse is a nurse and the other is a teacher, the Job Explorer map highlights where in the country these jobs are widely available for both.

Map - Job Title Search

Career progression tool: This tool allows people to see what other jobs they have the skills for. For example, a technical writer can see that other technical writers have gone on to take positions as systems integrators or business analysts, jobs that have an average salary 10-35% higher than technical writers.

job progression_technical writer


How can recruiters use Glassdoor Job Explorer?

Below I’ve outlined just three situations in which this new product can be of help in attracting top talent to a company.

Situation: Job candidate worried about the job opportunities for a family

Map - Partner Search

If your candidate is ready to accept a position but is worried his wife won’t be able to find work in a new city, ask what she does for a living. Using Job Explorer, you can do a quick search with both their titles combined to reveal jobs for the wife in your city. Maybe you have a connection at one of the companies listed and you can introduce the wife to the recruiter you know. You’ve just made a major connection and helped a great candidate consider joining your team.

Situation: Great candidate, no open positions

Sometimes you meet a great candidate who isn’t perfect for the role you’re filling now. Great recruiters keep those candidates on a list for the future, but using Job Explorer you may find you already have a position that fits their skills.

Try using Job Explorer’s “Other jobs to consider” feature to see if other people in your candidate’s current position have gone on to alternate positions you’re trying to fill. Based on analysis of millions of resumes, this feature looks at the career progression of those with similar qualifications and work history then offers alternate job suggestions. For example, 3% of Web Developers go on to become Technical Writers.

Situation: opening a new office, need to understand the competitive landscape

Are you looking to open a new office? You can give your executives feedback on how competitive hiring is in that market with just a quick search on Job Explorer. One search shows you how many open positions for a particular role are available in various locations. Knowing what your hiring competition will be like in advance can help you provide more intelligent expansion advice.

How else could you use Glassdoor Job Explorer to recruit?


See more on how Job Explorer works in this video and see our press release for more details.

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