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3 Key Benefits of Indeed Reviews & Ratings on Glassdoor

As sister companies, Glassdoor and Indeed are working together to deliver greater value to employers. The partnership opens the door for employers to access an unmatched audience, representing over 80% of U.S. online job seekers, across industries, education levels and years of experience.(1) As a first step in our partnership, we are helping employers get a more complete picture of their employer brand across both platforms.

Glassdoor Enhanced Profile customers will now be able to view Glassdoor and Indeed reviews & ratings all in one place, the Glassdoor Employer Center.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Indeed reviews & ratings on Glassdoor:

1. Get a complete picture of your employer brand.

Your employees are talking about what it's like to work for your company. To have a clear pulse on their sentiment, it's key to hear what they're saying across the board. With reviews from both platforms, you can now see side-by-side comparisons on your Glassdoor Employer Center, providing a complete picture of your employer brand in one convenient place.

2. Compare Indeed and Glassdoor ratings and review distribution.

You can now effortlessly see your Glassdoor and Indeed reviews and ratings in the Glassdoor Employer Center. See how your reviews compare across both platforms only from the Glassdoor Employer Center. This provides a quick, holistic picture of your employer brand reputation. You also gain an understanding of where reviews are coming from on each platform: Glassdoor vs. Indeed Review Distributions, Current vs. Former Employees, plus Job Title and Location.

3. Reach the most candidates.

Together, Glassdoor and Indeed reach over 80% of online job seekers in the U.S. across industries, education levels and years of experience (1). Our collaboration helps you command the space and empowers you to attract, find and hire the right talent today. It's a powerful partnership that helps you reach the most relevant, quality candidates that will drive the future of your business.

Indeed reviews and ratings will appear only in the back-end of your Employer Center. They will not appear on the Glassdoor Enhanced Profile for jobseekers to view. You can log in to the Community Reviews section of your Employer Center to view and compare your rating and reviews across the two sites.

For specific questions about the scope of this new integration, refer to our Glassdoor + Indeed Review Aggregation FAQs. And stay tuned for more product updates coming soon. You can expect continued innovation from our partnership, with the goal of making hiring and getting hired easier for everyone.

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(1) Source: comscore, Unique Visitors, April 2020. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate