Love Mondays Becomes Glassdoor — What Does It Mean For You?

We recently announced that Love Mondays integrated with its parent company, Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, as of June 26, 2019.  Love Mondays and Glassdoor share a similar mission to help people everywhere find a job and company they love. This, coupled with Glassdoor’s rising global influence and global expansion efforts, makes it the perfect time to bring Glassdoor to Latin America.

For employers looking to recruit in Latin America, Glassdoor provides access to more recruiting solutions to help them recruit and hire quality talent at scale even easier. For multinational employers who want to recruit talent in Latin America and in other parts of the world, this transition streamlines their recruiting and talent acquisition efforts. Glassdoor delivers quality and informed candidates because it connects employers with millions of job seekers who use our wealth of company insights to find not just any job, but a job they love.

We also made this transition due to rising demand by job seekers in Latin America to be able to find the most relevant jobs while having access to more workplace transparency. Job seekers in Latin America still have access to the same helpful company reviews, salary reports and other information, direct from employees. In addition, the integration brings Glassdoor’s job search experience to Latin America, allowing anyone to search and apply to the latest jobs that meet their preferences while being able to research what it’s like to work in a specific job at a particular company.

Here are the answers to some of your burning questions:

What does this brand integration mean for my current contract w/ Glassdoor?

If you’re a current Glassdoor EP customer, it means that Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are available for Local Enhanced Profile (LEP) purchase to help customize your employer brand to local job seekers in these markets. If you’re a customer with an existing Global LEP package, LEPs in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are free for you upon launch, since it’s included in your current contract.

I'm a client of GD in the U.S./Europe. Can I have access to

In Glassdoor’s Employer Center, you are able to see how many job seekers are viewing your company in each market. In addition, you can purchase a LEP for Brazil, Argentina and/or Mexico to further help attract top talent in those specific countries. If you’re a customer with an existing Global LEP package, LEPs in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are free for you upon launch, since it’s included in your current contract. However, if you’re a customer currently purchasing the ROW LEP, if you want to continue customizing your employer brand in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, you will need to purchase those specific LEPs individually going forward.

I have a contract with Love Mondays and one with Glassdoor. What now?

In this instance, your contract with Love Mondays continues to apply on the Glassdoor platform post-integration. As we near the expiry date of your Love Mondays contract, we will coordinate with your company representatives (globally and in Brazil) to understand how you would like to renew.  For instance, whether you want to purchase a Brazil LEP through a global contract, or purchase locally through Glassdoor’s Brazil team.

I have a Rest of World (ROW) LEP package. Will Brazil, Argentina and Mexico be a part of that? Or… I am an EP customer. What can I do in Brazil, Argentina or Mexico?

Customers will not be grandfathered in to include Brazil,  Argentina, and Mexico as part of their ROW LEP package.  We're offering standalone LEPs in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico to capitalize on the significant local traffic which has been developed by Love Mondays.  The unique incremental exposure that you can access in these markets led us to define these as standalone LEP opportunities. As a reminder, unlike other new domains we’ve introduced, Love Mondays was it’s own business unit already operating for several years, seeing more than five million job seeker visits each month in Latin America.

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