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Everyone’s talking about employment branding these days but many small and mid-size companies are concerned they don’t have the budget to build and grow their employment brand presence online. At Glassdoor, we believe promoting your employer brand to candidates actively researching what it’s like to work for you shouldn’t have to cost a penny! To encourage employers to get involved in the conversation happening online, Glassdoor offers a number of free tools to help companies establish and promote an authentic employer brand.

Provided you’ve already signed up for a Free Employer Account, here are 10 tips to maximize your brand presence for free on Glassdoor.

Edit Basic Company Details

After you’ve logged into your Employer Center, go to Edit Profile and select Basic Info on the left. You’ll then have the opportunity to edit or add basic company information including: logo, website address, HQ location, number of employees, industry, CEO, and annual revenue if you choose.

edit company details


Update Company Description & Mission

Next, select Company Description on the left and ensure the info listed is consistent with the content on your career site.

Add & Edit Photos

On the left nav, select Photos under Photos & Awards. Here, you can upload photos, select a Featured Photo, and reorder existing photos. You can also recommend including a caption for each photo. Show off your office digs, promote aspects of your culture that are unique, and even make your employees the stars by posting group or individual shots.

Add & Edit Awards

Was your company recently named a Best Place to Work? Add up to five featured awards to display prominently on your Glassdoor profile.

Regularly Monitor What’s Being Said

Make it a point to regularly visit Glassdoor and take a look at what people are saying about your organization on your employer profile. Leverage the reporting available in the Employer Center to evaluate the type of content that’s being submitted by current and former employees. Glassdoor has a multi-tiered review process involving both technology and human touch to ensure the content in our community is constructive and useful. If you see a post that may be violation of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, click the “Inappropriate?” link below the post or contact our content team.

Respond Publicly to Reviews

Today’s job seekers aren’t looking for perfection from employers – they’re looking for transparency. Company representatives with a Free Employer Account have the opportunity to respond publicly to reviews on Glassdoor. Here are some tips on how to respond to reviews.

respond to rev

Engage Your Employees 

Your employees should be your biggest brand ambassadors!  Encouraging reviews is a great free way to build out the content on your employer profile and provide job seekers with additional insight into your organization. Download this free eBook to learn how to best leverage employees in crafting and magnifying your brand presence on Glassdoor.

Compare Brand Awareness to Your Competitors  

In the Employer Center, access free reporting to measure brand awareness on Glassdoor and select up to two other companies to compare. Track monthly traffic to your employer profile on Glassdoor and see how your branding initiatives impact your candidate awareness online.


Track Company Reputation over Time

View the total content on your Glassdoor profile and track your overall company rating and CEO rating over time.

Share Information With Your Team

Finally, be sure to share these insights with your teams. Encourage each person to sign up for a Free Employer Account (you can multiple accounts per organization) and walk them through the Employer Center. After tracking candidate awareness and company brand reputation compared to talent competitors, download a pdf of the report, print, and distribute to other key members of your organization. Make this a regular practice and ensure you’re maximizing the free tools and resources available to help manage and maximize your employer brand.

If you’re interested in removing competitor ads, featuring jobs from your career site, integrating social media channels, adding Why Work For Us content, and accessing advanced reporting and analytics on job click activity and company reputation, contact Glassdoor for more info. If not, follow the advice above to maximize your brand presence on Glassdoor – all for free!

Author:  Alison Hadden

Head of Brand Strategy at Glassdoor

Talk to Sales or call (888) 355-9323

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