How McKesson and Change Healthcare Streamlined Jobs & Candidate Experience with Glassdoor

How McKesson and Change Healthcare Streamlined Jobs & Candidate Experience with Glassdoor

When McKesson Technology Solutions and Change Healthcare were merging into one organization, Cindy McGregor – Employer Brand Recruitment and Digital Marketing Talent Acquisition Manager – had the unique challenge of providing a solution to aggregate McKesson’s jobs from Taleo and Change Healthcare from Ultipro. Her challenge was to create a streamlined candidate experience for job seekers to search and apply to open jobs. The end goal was to serve up jobs from two locations into one platform – and Glassdoor provided the ultimate solution. Here’s how.

The Director of Operations approached McGregor with the challenge of finding a solution that would streamline jobs from both company’s applicant tracking systems, providing a seamless branded front that was search-engine optimized and offered a great candidate experience.

McGregor explored the pros and cons of creating an entirely new landing page experience vs. leveraging a site where candidates were already looking for jobs at companies like theirs. She partnered with the Glassdoor Representative Chris Miller to review the concept, and found they could showcase both companies and their jobs, without McKesson or Change Healthcare having to hire an outside vendor to build out an entirely new branded page.

The jobs were aggregated appropriately and showcased to candidates already visiting Glassdoor to make decisions about where to work. A major benefit was that Glassdoor is already optimizing their jobs for them, so there was very little work for McKesson or Change Healthcare.  The heaviest lifting was ensuring that the right jobs were aggregated and branded correctly on each of the companies’ enhanced profile pages on Glassdoor.

If a candidate landed on a Change Healthcare job they would be routed to the appropriately branded page within Glassdoor and have a cohesive experience. From there if an applicant applied to either a McKesson or Change Healthcare job, the job applicant would be redirected to the designated ATS via the URL redirects that were set up.

ERE Media – a go-to source for human resources, talent acquisition and recruiting professionals – covered McKesson’s launch of a new career site and mentioned how the Fortune 5 company integrated Glassdoor’s reviews of other companies. McGregor credits Glassdoor with the ability to provide this experience and is thrilled with the results already coming in.

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