MED-CARE Diabetic & Medical Supplies Improves Time-to-Hire by 60 Days

In this week’s Glassdoor product demo, we asked employers about their recruiting strategy for 2014. The poll question: “What’s the #1 Metric You’re Trying to Improve This Year?”

The answer: More than 52% said “Time-to-hire” is the metric they are looking to improve.

Despite being one of the most frequently used, time-to-hire is one of the more poorly understood metrics in recruiting. The amount of time it takes to make a quality hire from start to finish can have a direct impact on spend and ROI of your recruitment program.

MED-CARE Diabetic & Medical Supplies is a company focused on improving time-to-hire. Its steps to achieve this involved attracting a wider, qualified pool of applicants, while also increasing its employer brand awareness in South Florida.

So what is MED-CARE? This leading medical/pharmacy supply company offers convenient ways for individuals covered by Medicare and private insurance to receive the highest quality supplies delivered directly to their home.

A year before partnering with Glassdoor, MED-CARE’s recruitment and employer branding strategy was 100% word-of-mouth. In order to increase brand awareness and attract the best quality candidates, they shifted their strategy to include Glassdoor Job Ads and an Enhanced Profile.

The Job Ads allowed MED-CARE to:

  • Target individuals in a specific age range in key metro locations across the U.S.
  • Increase visibility and get in front of qualified job seekers
  • Drive increased traffic to their Enhanced Profile

The Enhanced Profile allowed MED-CARE to:

  • Feature recent news, like its partnership with the Dallas Mavericks
  • Find more professional applications and candidates with the right background
  • Filter interviewers by education level to make sure they were qualified
  • Gain access to reporting to measure its success against competitors
  • Expand brand awareness

MED-CARE reduced its average hiring time from 90 days to 30 days, a 3X faster time-to-hire.

This company story is a pretty miraculous example of how promoting your employer brand to candidates researching you and advertising your jobs to ideal candidates can increase qualified resumes and decrease your workload.

To read more about MED-CARE’s results, check out the brand new MED-CARE success story.