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The Most Important Employer Branding Statistics to Know

It's no secret that a well-defined employer brand is an essential part of building high-performing teams. Employers across industries are turning their focus to their employer brand to understand how they are perceived online and how that perception affects recruiting, hiring, retention, and more.

But have you ever seen the data that explains why? Today, we're bringing all the data behind this connection into one place to highlight the 15 most important employer brand statistics:

Employer Branding and Recruiting

By far, the most important outcome of having a strong employer brand is that prospective employees will be more inclined to consider your company when applying for jobs. Consider the following statistics and how much work candidates put into understanding your company long before you ever see their cover letter and resume:

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Employer Branding and Hiring

Employer branding is important during the hiring process, as well. Once a candidate has submitted their application for consideration, the employer brand you've built informs how they approach the interview process and negotiate the offer stage. Will a candidate appreciate your offer enough to leave their current employer? It might just come down to the reputation you've built as an employer.

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Employer Branding and Retention

The impact of your employer brand doesn't end once a candidate accepts an offer and completes the onboarding process. The strength of your reputation carries through the hiring process and into the employee lifecycle. A strong employer brand in alignment with your company culture is a powerful force for reducing turnover, improving retention, and keeping employees engaged.

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