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What Is OpenCompany Status & Why Do Job Seekers Love It

Do you embrace transparency? Is your company eager to stand out from the competition? Is Glassdoor a core part of your employer branding and recruiting strategies?

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, then you’re in luck. 79% of Glassdoor users are more likely to apply to an open job if an employer responds to reviews, updates their profile, shares updates on the culture and work environment. These are all signs that you believe in transparency, and that you’re an OpenCompany.

Glassdoor’s OpenCompany program recognizes employers that proactively promote and embrace workplace transparency; in turn, letting prospective employees know that they’re committed to workplace transparency. When candidates are checking out your updates, reviews and your open jobs, they’ll see the OpenCompany badge on your profile and know that you’re committed to a culture of transparency.

Think of it like the blue, verified checkmark on Instagram, or Amazon Verified. Career conscious users on Glassdoor see the badge are more likely to trust your company and want to join your ranks. Plus, participation in this program is FREE for any employer who wants to be recognized for embracing transparency!

Here’s how it works. First, create or claim your account on Glassdoor. At a minimum, an employer must register for a Free Employer Account.

Next, complete the 5 requirements listed here:

1. Update Company Profile
Requirement: Validate your basic company profile information is up-to-date at least once per year.
Why: It's basic housekeeping. If you don't pay attention to the basics, candidates may question what you do pay attention to.

2. Add Photos
Requirement: Add at least 10 photos per year.
Why: A picture's worth a thousand words! Photos are a great way to give job seekers a feel for what your office space and corporate culture are like.

3. Get Reviews
Requirement: Get at least 60 reviews from current employees per year.
Why: The more current the review, the more weight it has with the job seekers.

4. Respond to Reviews
Requirement: Respond to at least 10 reviews per year
Why: Showing that you listen and respond to employee feedback is a cornerstone of transparency.

5. Promote Your Profile
Requirement: Place a link on your website (or social media site) to your Glassdoor Company Profile.
Why: Show job seekers that you are open to employee feedback by encouraging them to check our your profile.

Remember, the benefit of becoming an OpenCompany is to show job seekers that your company is where they want to work next. And we’re here to help. We’ve got all of the engagement best practices through step by step guidance on how to create and maintain a compelling company profile. How to respond to negative reviews? We’ve got you covered. What does a compelling profile look like? We can show you. How to navigate the analytics in the Employer Center? We’ll make you a pro in no time.

Become an OpenCompany today and start recruiting the best.

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