How to Present Glassdoor Data to Executives

How to Present Glassdoor Data to Executives

With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account, organizations have access to a wealth of analytics, intelligence and trends – all worth tracking and reporting to management. The Glassdoor Employer Center allows you to take a deep dive into your organization’s employer brand, company ratings across key categories, employee review pros and cons, talent competitors, and much more.

How your company uses Glassdoor can determine the future success of your organization, which is why It’s important that relevant stakeholders – especially executives – understand the data available. However, we know that presenting information to executives can sometimes be intimidating so we created a guide on how best to share Glassdoor data to executives.

Summarize the quarter cohesively

Although you have access to a slew of data and analytics, you don’t need to discuss every detail about the quarter that you find in the Glassdoor Employer Center. Organize highlights from the quarter into three sections: Reviews, Content and Performance.

Analyze the numbers of employee, benefit, interview and new salary reviews, and include this information within the Reviews section. Under Content, you can then bullet out key themes, learnings and high-level takeaways on what the review content is telling you. Then, under Performance you can provide analysis of numbers from your Glassdoor Campaign. This section should include analysis of how recruiting sources compare in all key dimensions: clicks to Apply, Apply to Interview, Apply to Hire, Interview to Hire, Cost-Per-App and Cost-Per-Hire.

It’s helpful to provide a general overview of the quarter. Convey Glassdoor at-a-glance during the quarter by including key metrics related to employee reviews, interview questions, benefits and salary.

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Show how you compare side-by-side with your competitors

Competitor intel is extremely useful for the success of an organization. Be sure to add a screenshot of your overall Glassdoor Reviews Interview Comparison Chart and provide your analysis. It’s important to understand where you stand against your competitors before making decisions about the direction of your organization.

Provide key takeaways on what’s working and what’s not

It’s important to end the presentation with clear actionable items on what is working and what’s not. Provide key summary points of all the data and separate them into pros and cons. During this portion of the presentation, make your recommendations for improving not just your Glassdoor performance and profile, but your culture and organization. This information will help executives in their decisions regarding the organization’s next steps moving forward.

There is a great deal of useful data on Glassdoor that can help your company to excel so make sure that all of the relevant stakeholders – especially executives – are aware of the information. If you are interested in presenting Glassdoor information, feel free to use our How to Report on Glassdoor Data templates.