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QUIZ: Are You Ready to Hire Top Talent in a New Decade?

The hiring game has changed. Not only are we in a new decade, but job seekers have evolved. They are more motivated, growth-focused and mission-driven than ever before. To catch their attention — and keep it — you’ll have to do more than simply advertise a killer job. You’ll need to craft an enticing application and interview experience and be strategic with how and where you look for candidates.

In order to kick off your best hiring year yet, there are few things you need to know and a few ways to pivot your approach. Take our quiz to see what's trending amidst the rapidly changing market for HR and talent professionals to stay ahead of the hiring curve in 2020.

How to Hire Top Talent in a New Decade

Tip #1:

Jobs are ample. Job seekers are scarce. Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today — and finding and recruiting top talent has never been harder. It’s taking longer than ever to fill a role — and the pain is being felt on a broad scale

In 2018, it took ~31 days to hire, 20% longer vs. just one year prior.

The first step you need to take to pivot is to focus on building meaningful relationships with candidates, nurturing them with a compelling employer brand, proactive messaging and enticing job descriptions.

Tip #2:

To land top talent, you have to act fast. Like it or not, you’re in a race for top talent as the best candidates aren’t on the job market for long. To act fast without compromising quality, talent professionals are looking for ways to get fewer, better applicants. Getting a massive number of resumes has become a liability because it’s expensive to weed through all those applications.

The secret to hiring the best? How fast you and your candidates can assess a mutual fit. Speed and quality intersect on Glassdoor where It takes half the resumes to get a hire.

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Tip #3:

Quality candidates pick you as much as you pick them. Winning top talent today requires a shift in approach. The majority of candidates are getting multiple offers, and therefore they’re in a position to choose where to work. Finding the right match requires giving applicants a realistic preview of what a job is like — what’s difficult and challenging about the work as well as why it’s rewarding. This allows candidates self-select, taking the hard guesswork out for you as an employer.

Remember, 71% of job seekers have received 2 or more offers at one time. The highest quality candidates are on the market for short periods of time, so the stronger the relationship you build, the more attractive your employer presence, the faster you can convert this top talent.

Tip #4

The quality candidates you need, demand more than a job description. Gone are the days where you post a job description and watch the applications flood in. Having a perfect role to offer is not enough. If the candidate doesn’t know or doesn’t like your brand, the opportunity may as well not exist. Candidates want to hear who you are, why you do what you do and what’s in it for them if they join.

Quality, career-minded candidates want to find a job to love, and Glassdoor is your platform to tell your story to the 60M monthly unique job seekers whose #1 reason for coming to Glassdoor is to find a job.



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