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Quality sales professionals are essential to every business, and recruiting top sales talent can be crucial. Glassdoor recently asked 1,000 sales professionals about their job seeking habits, what their priorities are when it comes to compensation packages and what would cause them to leave their current jobs in order to help employers close the deal with the best in the business.

The survey found that social media outreach is by far the recruiting tactic that works best for sales folks. 49% cited it as the top way to reach them, with the next closest (hosted meetups) cited by only 10%. When it comes to why they’d leave their jobs, the top 3 factors include salary and compensation, career growth opportunities and company culture. However, women value a good relationship with their boss more than company culture. Relationship with manager/direct boss is the #3 factor for women.

Finally, when you’re talking dollars and cents, consider tailoring your compensation packages to fit the needs of individuals. Glassdoor found vast differences in how men and women prioritize elements of a compensation package. While both men and women cite base salary as the most important part of their compensation package, women prioritize both healthcare and company perks over commission, whereas commission is the #2 priority for men in sales.

glassdoor how to recruit sales professionals

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Missed the webinar? Don’t worry the complete recording of Jesper Bendtsen, global head of sales recruiting at and Glassdoor on our “How to Recruit Sales Professionals” webinar is below. 

¹This Glassdoor survey was conducted between May 31, 2014 and June 6, 2014. Results are based on answers provided by 1,000 sales professionals. For complete survey methodology, please contact

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