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Nonprofit Recruiting

As the holidays approach, we're focused on how we as a company can give back. Because we love helping people find jobs and companies they love, we are turning our attention to helping people recruiting in the nonprofit sector find top talent. And we've launched several initiatives as part of our commitment to the Pledge 1% movement.

Nonprofit Recruiting Solutions:

  • Discounts of 25-50% off of Glassdoor's employer branding and job advertising packages.
  • Five single job postings per year through Glassdoor's partnership with TechSoup, an organization that connects nonprofits, foundations and libraries with tech products, services and learning resources.
  • Five single job postings per year, available to Glassdoor employees to donate to a nonprofit of their choosing.

These solutions will bring nonprofits - most of which have limited recruiting budget - access to the most effective recruiting platform. The majority of Glassdoor's 34 million unique monthly users are actively seeking a job or are open to new opportunities. And it's important for nonprofit recruiters to be selecting candidates from a pool of engaged jobseekers that are already researching what it's like to work for their company. As much as any company, nonprofits need people like this to continue to make progress on their company's mission and impact positive change.

In fact, studies show that when job seekers are doing their research, mission and workplace culture - both attributes typically strong at nonprofits - rank among the top five things they want to know about a company before applying. Glassdoor's platform is perfect for nonprofits to showcase the amazing work they're doing and the rewarding atmosphere they foster.

For more information on how you can take advantage of our offerings for nonprofits, please see our data sheet.

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