Recruiting Spring Grads: What They Want

Recruiting Spring Grads: What They Want

As graduation approaches and a rush of college students prepare to transition to adulthood, now is the time to make a solid game plan for attracting top quality hires. Recent grads are the future of every organization, so it makes sense to devote time to learn what their dream job encompasses.

It’s imperative to understand the qualities recent college grads possess that make them great hires, along with knowing the perks that will attract them to your team. Here are a few things you can do to understand how to recruit top talent and celebrate the unique skills recent grads bring to the table:

Support growth potential

Millennials are slated to make up half of the workforce in five years and two-thirds of the workforce by 2025, so understanding their values is crucial. Gone are the days where salary ranks number one in a graduate’s vision for their first job. More than that, Millennials seek positions with long-term growth potential and want to understand how their role will play a part in the larger organization.

This quality makes recent grads great hires. Grads are looking beyond task-oriented roles and will commit to completing their projects. With recent grads looking to jumpstart their careers, they maintain a high level of determination by holding themselves accountable as much as their leaders would.

As the newest members to an organization, new grads are hoping to be respected and appreciated. They aim for transparent relationships and will communicate their progress and pain points openly. This level of open communication will help you navigate what your new hire expects in the role and how to best help them achieve their goals. To attract these candidates, mention growth opportunities for a role upfront in interviews. Showing candidates that they won’t just be checking items off of a to-do list, but will actually be owning projects from start to finish and will have the chance to grow within a team will hook them.

Sell work-life balance

Millennials want, need and expect flexibility -- it’s the new norm. It can be overwhelming to leave the comfort of a college environment and move to a new city, so keep in mind that grads are not just adjusting to a new job, but an entirely new lifestyle. Grads are eager to find a job that supports work-life balance and an organization that gives them a sense of community. 75% of Millennials look for a people and culture fit with employers. Even if a specific job description fits, it takes more than that to win.

For example, in addition to providing a gym or health benefits, promote group workouts that engage team building and community. Celebrate team wins with monthly lunches or a spontaneous game night. While work is obviously a priority, it’s important to offer more. Be aware that in this day and age, candidates are coming to your company already knowing a great deal about you. These educated individuals will not only want the job, but also want to be a part of your company culture for years to come.

Establish an intern program

Oftentimes, graduates get to the end of their college years without applicable experience, leaving them lost in the shuffle. You don’t want this to affect your ability to hire come spring. So what’s the best way to be sure you’ll hire knowledgeable candidates right out of college? Establish an intern program that provides tangible work experience. This works as a two-way street. College grads will work smarter during their summers aiming for a full-time offer come graduation, and you’ll have the opportunity to hire candidates who are familiar with your company culture and goals.

It's important to continue learning and researching what grads are looking for in their dream job so that you’re ready to hire them in just a few months. Check out our eBook, 10 Secrets to Recruiting the Brightest Recent Grads, to learn more.