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Recruiting Marketers: What, Where and How

Where have all the marketing professionals gone? According to a study conducted by Pew Research, one-third of job seekers claimed the internet was the most important source during their job search and 79 percent said that they used the internet during their job search in some capacity (Searching for Jobs in the Internet Era, November 2015).

When recruiting for any job function, you have to meet candidates where they are. Marketing professionals are no different. To best appeal to marketing managers online, here are answers to questions that will help you better target your job postings.

Where do they live?

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Illinois
  4. New Jersey
  5. Massachusetts

If you’re recruiting for marketing managers in these states, you have a large pool of candidates to select from, based on research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you aren’t, you may have a more challenging time sourcing candidates. This means that you need to be even more strategic about where you’re posting your jobs.

What are they clicking on?

There are 56,668 marketing jobs on Glassdoor (Glassdoor Site Data, August 2016). The most clicked titles were: Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Director of Marketing, Marketing Specialist, and Digital Marketing Manager (Glassdoor Site Data, July 2016).

Optimize your titles to suit what candidates are looking for. We recommend keeping your titles as traditional as possible. Marketing is a creative job function so it can be tempting to get creative with your job titles, but this approach won’t necessarily get your open positions in front of candidates.

Want inspiration to increase the amount of clicks on your open marketing jobs? Check out these company’s Glassdoor profiles and marketing jobs—they were the most clicked by marketers during July 2016:

  1. Oracle
  2. Amazon.com
  3. The Job Window
  4. Vitamin T
  5. Best Version Media
  6. Creative Circle
  7. Yelp
  8. The Home Depot
  9. IBM
  10. Facebook


What are they looking for?

Because of the nature of their profession, marketers will examine your visual and written content very closely. Your website, search results, social channels and press page all reflect your brand. Marketers will want to work with a brand they find interesting and align with. To impress top marketing candidates, you’ll have to perfect not only your internal culture but your external-facing persona as well.

It’s not just how you say it, it’s also about what you say. Marketers want to work with a brand, i.e., employer, that effectively communicates its mission, culture and benefits. They also expect to see consistency in tone and messaging across all of your employer brand channels.

Your organization’s careers site is a common resource for candidates to get a gauge on what your workplace is like. You can tailor yours to attract marketers by showing pictures of your marketing team or speaking more in depth about your marketing department.

Job descriptions should also include information about your workplace culture and mission because this is often candidates’ first interaction with your organization. Pro tip: if you’re posting your jobs on Glassdoor, this is included on your branded profile, so point candidates there!

Other employer brand channels marketers use to gain intel are your social channels and Glassdoor. If you have consumer-facing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, consider including employer brand-oriented posts or creating handles dedicated to employee engagement and talent attraction.

Content on Glassdoor should be consistent with your other employer brand channels, but it should also be more comprehensive. This channel is dedicated to recruiting top talent and engaging current employees so your your content should reflect that audience. Marketers will appreciate targeted messaging and visuals.

How do you get marketers to apply to your jobs?

One of the best ways you can set yourself up for success when recruiting marketers is posting your open jobs on Glassdoor. Aligning your jobs with a branded profile will go a long way with brand-oriented marketers. Did you know that employers who post jobs on Glassdoor typically take half the resumes to get to a hire (Brandon Hall Group, 2014)? Don’t miss out on your next perfect-fit marketing professional.
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