3 Ways to Quickly Refresh Your Glassdoor Profile

3 Ways to Quickly Refresh Your Glassdoor Profile

Your Glassdoor profile is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. Garnering and responding to reviews and adding branded content are great places to start, but to maintain momentum, it’s critical to update your content regularly.

Think of your relationship with your followers on Glassdoor as a long-term commitment. First impressions are important, but to nurture and grow your relationship, you’ve got to shake things up and share new information about yourself.

Fortunately, updating your profile is easier than you may think. You can now make edits to your Enhanced Profile directly on your profile! Here are three updates you can make immediately to give job seekers a reason to follow you and stay engaged.

1. Look your best

Your cover photo and featured video are the welcome mat to your Glassdoor profile. They set the tone for the experience visitors have while exploring your profile. Selecting photos and videos that accurately represent your brand likely took a good amount of work the first time around. You may be wondering, “What is the purpose of changing them?”

Giving your profile a refresh will have job seekers seeing your company with fresh eyes. Some opportunities for changing your cover photo and featured video are:

  • A change in hiring needs
  • Seasonal hiring opportunities (e.g., university hiring)
  • Holidays
  • Re-brand or acquisition
  • Location change
  • Opening a new regional office  

How: To change your cover photo or featured video, select the gear icon at the top right where your current cover photo currently lives. Then select “Add new image” or “Add video” and upload the content of your choice. Move and crop the image until it looks the way you want and select “Save.”

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2. Tell them about yourself

Don’t just rely on your looks! Keeping your company information up to date is critical for showing candidates you’re engaged. Update the basic information job seekers are looking for and set up reminders to periodically update things like company size and standard metrics. Serving up these pieces of information in an easy-to-access format is critical to keeping their attention. It also serves as a filter for job seekers who aren’t the right fit to self-select out of applying for your jobs. After all, if someone isn’t willing to commute to your office location or your company size is too big or small for their liking, better not to waste everyone’s time.

How: To update your logo, click on your current logo, located at the bottom left-hand side of your cover photo. Select the camera icon that says “Update.” You’ll be taken to a window to pick the file you want to use. Select “Choose.” Adjust the positioning and select “Save.”

To update company information, select the pencil icon. Edit the fields displayed, then select “Save” to implement the changes.

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3. Keep the spark alive

Nothing like an email to let someone know you’re thinking of them and brighten up their day. It’s little things like this that can keep your followers’ interested in your company. When you post a company update, a notification deploys to your followers’ inboxes and it’s promoted on your profile. This gives them a reason to engage with you and learn what’s going on at your company.

Ideas for company updates to get you started:

  • Post from your company’s employment blog
  • Benefits changes
  • Employee outings
  • Changes in senior management
  • Announcements that directly affect employees

Company Updates

There’s no time like the present to start sweeping job seekers off their feet.

If you have an Enhanced Employer Profile, download this quick guide to help build an amazing Why Work for Us section. If you don’t, sign up for a Glassdoor Free Employer Account to get started.