The Resourceful Recruiter’s Guide to Recruiting Finance Pros

The people on your finance team are essential for keeping the business running smoothly and making a profit. After all, they pay bills and taxes, keep costs under control, ensure compliance, and can even help identify and grow new revenue opportunities. But how do you attract candidates with the right mix of finance skills and business acumen who can fit into your company’s culture and help take it the next level?

With the average cost-per-hire for finance and banking employees at $4,323, 9% higher than all industries, it helps to pay special attention to finding financial pros. In March 2016, Glassdoor listed more than 150,000 openings across finance, accounting, and tax specialties.

How to recruit finance pros

To recruit analytical, numbers-driven finance experts onto your team, you’ll want to consider team culture, growth opportunities, company outlook, and compensation through the special lens of a finance employee. Our new eBook, The Resourceful Recruiter’s Guide to Recruiting Finance Pros, looks at how finance professionals are different and gives you suggestions on how to attract them.

Finance pros will do their homework

For example, top finance candidates can’t help but leverage their analytical skills to research and analyze your company. They tend to do their homework on a company’s history, business model, and future outlook, and are likely to look at your website, news sites, and review sites like Glassdoor for indications of the company’s health. Because they know that culture and success is driven from the top down, finance candidates will also look closely at your CEO rating and overall company rating.

Our January 2016 site survey found that 90% of Glassdoor users think it’s important to have the employer’s perspective when researching a company. Download the ebook for specific tips on how to craft communications on about your company in a way that appeals to finance candidates.

You’ll also learn how to address other top considerations of finance candidates such as team culture and compensation. When 76% of accounting pros say that base salary is the most important consideration when considering a job offer, it’s best to be prepared before negotiating. Download The Resourceful Recruiter’s Guide to Recruiting Finance Pros today for actionable takeaways on hiring a strong finance team.