Responding to Glassdoor Reviews: Tips For All Company Sizes

Responding to Reviews: Tips For Companies Large and Small

As a hub of reviews, Glassdoor has become an essential part of the job search process. When reading employer reviews, job seekers are not solely looking for employee reviews – they’re looking for what companies have to say about its own culture as they weigh their decision to apply, interview, and accept an offer.

The content of your response as an employer matters just as much as the review itself. What you say in your employer response sends a strong message to employees, candidates, partners and investors. Your response is also an opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to make adjustments when necessary.

The ability for employers to respond to reviews on Glassdoor presents a unique opportunity for companies to promote their employer brand. The employer response allows companies to have its perspective seen alongside the reviewers’ commentary.

Getting started responding to reviews

When responding to Glassdoor reviews, first determine which team members are best qualified and most interested in responding to reviews, establish your brand voice, plan a response cadence, and implement a feedback loop. Summarize Glassdoor activity on a monthly basis to your recruiting team and department heads.

A well thought-out approach to responding to reviews will strengthen your employer brand. Your consistency, gratitude, and authenticity will build trust with employees and candidates alike. However, we understand that your strategy for responding to these reviews can vary greatly depending on how many employees work at your organization, so our new eBook breaks down our tips for all companies - both small and large.

Tips for small companies

If you’re a smaller company, you may receive just a handful of reviews every month. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously. Candidates may not be able to find as much information about you as they can for large companies with thousands of employees, so every review is important. Here are a few of our tips for managing your reviews:

1. Establish a culture of transparency. When employees feel like their voices are heard, they’ll be more likely to trust you. And by involving employees in decision-making, your organization harnesses the power of its collective intelligence.

2. Get leadership involved. The smaller the company, the more the CEO should be involved, as he or she sets the tone for the culture. When enlisting help from executives, stress the importance of your employer brand for recruiting and retention, and share Glassdoor profile views and review view counts to show your leadership team just how many eyeballs are on your content.

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Tips for larger corporations

If you have aggressive hiring goals, thousands of employees and a nonstop flood of Glassdoor reviews, it’s important to have a strategy for prioritizing your review responses, involving the appropriate team members, and sharing feedback with relevant departments.

Here are some tips:

1. Leverage review metrics. With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account, you can track how many times your profile is viewed every month. Use this information when enlisting help to stress the impact reviews can have on your employer brand.

2. Create a prioritization scheme. Segment reviews into categories with a response plan for each.

  • Sample review categorization scheme:

    • Actionable feedback, doesn’t require input from other stakeholders ⇒ respond immediately.
    • Actionable feedback, requires input of another stakeholder ⇒ respond after receiving correct information.
    • Actionable and sensitive in nature ⇒ alert appropriate parties and respond with offer to take conversation offline.
    • Non-actionable feedback, contains no constructive feedback ⇒ lower priority, but still worth a response!

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