Rockstar Recruiter Series:|Rockstar Recruiter Series:

Rockstar Recruiter Series:

I’m impressed when a candidate:

Prepares for his/her interviews. The exploratory conversations can be so much more fruitful when the candidate has conducted research on our industry, our services and our company culture.

I’m impressed when a recruiter:

Is knowledgeable about the role s/he is representing and when s/he provides in-depth details about the open position. Furthermore, I am most impressed when a recruiter adheres to communication commitments and treats candidates with respect. Even if they’re delivering bad news, a call from a recruiter sharing the application status with a candidate shows how a company treats its employees.

I have been in the recruiting industry for:

Over 28 years.

I know I’ve done a great job hiring when:

Both my hiring manager and placed candidate are delighted (both short- and long-term) with their respective decisions to work together.

The biggest challenge recruiting candidates today is:

The intense competition and the fact that it is a candidate's market. We are truly in a war for talent and the time it takes to recruit and hire an individual has lengthened given the fact many other great companies are fishing in the same talent pool.

I stay cutting edge by:

Networking with colleagues, listening to candidates and reading online blogs and articles.

In 2015, I’ll invest more effort in:

Social media recruiting.

Executives see employer branding and recruiting as:

Differentiating factors in the competition for high-quality talent. This is evident by the willingness of executives to modulate interview best practices, make investments in social media outlets and increase time they spend “selling” our career opportunities to interviewing candidates.

I use Glassdoor because:

I like to get a pulse of how we are doing from the perspective of both the candidate and current employees.

My success is most closely tied to:

The success of the company. Specifically, if I do not perform well in my recruitment management role, my recruiting team may not have the direct support they need to provide quality recruiting results for their hiring managers,’ which in turn directly impacts the very key human capital aspect of our business.

I could improve my reputation as a recruiter if I:

Spent more time on panel presentations and speaking engagements (which I do frequently and enjoy).