Say "Thank You!" 2nd of 5 Tips for Responding to Glassdoor Reviews

In part one of our series on the art of responding to Glassdoor reviews, we touted the employer benefits of answering promptly. This week we discuss the importance of saying thank you.

Handing out props for positive comments should be a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, 83% of organizations suffer from “a deficit of recognition,” according to Bersin & Associates. On the flipside, other research shows that companies with recognition programs are highly effective at improving employee engagement and even enjoy 31%  lower voluntary turnover than peers with ineffective recognition programs.

The Red Cross is one such forward-thinking organization that puts serious stock into thanking employees for their comments.

Responding to Reviews Helps Your Brand in the Eyes of Job Seekers and Current Employees Alike

But what about responding to critical comments, even rants? “Saying thank you shows that you are listening,” says Lisa Holden, Glassdoor’s Employer Engagement Manager.

Responding in a non-defensive tone builds trust with a wider audience reading employer reviews, including current employees, who may wonder just what the company position is, especially concerning touchy corporate issues. In fact, Glassdoor case studies show that 90 percent of job seekers find that the employer perspective is useful when learning about jobs and companies.

“We always think the best approach is to thank your reviewers for providing feedback, good or bad,” Holden says. “And if you believe a company review includes false view of the company, go ahead and flag the review so our content team can re-review it.”

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