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Show, Don't Tell! 6 Brilliant Recruiting Videos

Did you know that job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without videos, and that companies receive a 34% greater application rate when they add a video to their job listings?

That's because showing, rather than telling job seekers about your company, is much more effective and engaging. A well-crafted recruiting video injects personality and emotion into your brand - it can distinguish your organization from the vast sea of sameness and make people want to be a part of your story.

And by offering an authentic picture of your organization's culture, people, offices, big wins and core values and mission, videos can also help weed out applicants who may not be the right fit.

So while recruiting videos are potentially the perfect medium for attracting top talent, it's essential that you have a clearly defined employer value proposition before getting started. Here are six of the best company videos that not only effectively convey their brand, but also inspire and engage viewers. Leverage them to jumpstart your video recruitment strategy.


Some of the best recruiting videos give viewers an authentic, yet entertaining look at what life is really like at their company. In this video, Yell's Head of Talent Acquisition zooms around the office, asking a diverse group of employees - ranging from new hires to long-term senior staff - what they like most about working at Yell. Many of them answer 'the people', which aligns strongly with one of Yell's core values: 'Behind everything great we do are our people and a culture empowering them to be at their best'. What's more, the simple, 'home video' format creates a casual, intimate feel, proving that you don't have to spend loads on fancy cinematography to create an effective recruitment video.

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It's critical to convey your company's core values and mission - having it come from your employees is all the more powerful. Take, for example, HomeServe's video that follows engineers on the job and captures their genuine commitment to the company's mission to 'Provide our Customers with effortless service in order to free them from the worry and inconvenience of home emergencies and repair'.  This 'mission-driven' video is a powerful hiring tool by appealing to candidates who align with the company's values and possess the people skills needed to excel at such an organization. Mission is also a strong selling point for the next generation of workers, with 70% of Millennials expecting their employers to focus on societal or mission-driven problems.



Don't be afraid to unleash your creativity when crafting your recruitment video, especially if you're in a creative industry, such as H&M - one of the world's largest fashion companies. This evocative and beautifully-shot video explores the question: what's the common thread that connects their 161,000 employees around the world? A red thread is carried by employees throughout the video to symbolize their shared ethos of team spirit, diversity, respect and inclusivity, which they are encouraged not only to work by, but to live by as well.



Before applying for your job openings, candidates want to know if they'll fit your culture, on a team or in a department. They want to see how real employees interact, dress and talk - do they seem like smart, friendly people who would welcome new hires and ideas in the boardroom as well as in the lunchroom? SAP's  video presents a diverse group of employees working on ground-breaking projects to highlight the software leader's commitment to innovation where 'anything is possible'. Candidates are also keen to hear from company leaders, who are often the main drivers of company culture. The video includes powerful footage of SAP's CEO, Bill McDermott, who says, "I want to invite you to join me, and come through with me on to the next side of innovation and success."

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