Social Media Secrets For Recruiters|Social Media Secrets For Recruiters

Social Media Secrets For Recruiters

It's no secret that social media is here to stay. As a recruiter, it's now your job to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media trends and connect with job seekers in an entirely new way. In turn, the traditional recruiter's job description has changed - recruiters are now recruitment marketers.

But how do you know if you're reaching the right audience on social media? Where do you start when it comes to analyzing talent on social? Check out these six social media secrets for recruiters - and don't worry, you can thank us later.

1. Don't feel like you have to do it all.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Pinterest, Instagram... the list goes on and on. But just because all of these platforms exist doesn't mean you need to be actively using each and every one. Pick a few that work for your recruiting efforts and focus on those - this will not only be less overwhelming for you from the get-go, but it will also allow more time for you to devote to the best few. We recommend analyzing candidate traffic on each channel to decide where to devote your time to start!

2. Schedule posts ahead of time.

Seriously, don't think that you're going to have time throughout the week to sit down and spend hours on Twitter. As a Social Media Specialist for Glassdoor, it's literally my job to spend hours on Twitter and sometimes it's hard for even me to find time. But these days, everything can be scheduled ahead of time. Try Hootsuite, Buffer or Sprout Social (a few of my personal favorites) and see which one works best for you. You can also auto-push job openings really easily - which, as a recruiter, is a great way to share open positions without thinking about it.

3. Cross promote your channels!

Your Glassdoor profile is a great link to share on social as it has everything job seekers care about in one place - reviews, ratings, benefits information and company photos. Sharing your Glassdoor profile on social media shows your commitment to transparency, which job seekers really want to see. According to a Glassdoor study, 96% of job seekers say they are influenced by employee-provided reviews and ratings. If your profile isn't as complete as you'd like, check out our eBook on how to ask employees for reviews. Also, sharing company blog posts or photos on multiple platforms is a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

4. Use your employees as brand ambassadors.

The best way to get job seekers on board with your employer brand is to practice what you preach. When your employees are happy with their job, company culture and benefits, they will want to share photos and testimonials on social media about why they love their job. Encourage your employees to share company culture on social media and even try writing up social media posts for your employees in weekly e-mail send-outs - so all they have to do is copy and paste. Also, have them participate in our #100HappyDaysAtWork campaign.

5. Share your company culture.

We'll say this one again and again - people really want to know what it's actually like to work at your company. So give the people what they want! Here at Glassdoor, we use the Twitter handle @InsideGlassdoor to give job seekers the inside scoop into what it's like to work here - we feature company perks, what our employees are up to and host conversations with our employees or other companies with great company cultures. Twitter uses the handle @JoinTheFlock for their recruiting efforts. Creating a social media presence just for recruiting is the new norm.

6. Social contests & events work great on social Join a larger conversation.

Tweeting for your followers is great, but if you want to reach a larger audience, make it a fun contest and be sure to use #hashtags. On webinars or at live events, join the conversation and make sure you create a suggested hashtag. Social is all about making it fun and sharing in real-time. You can even create your own company hashtags - for example, we're using the hashtag #GDSummit for our event this Friday (which you can live stream by registering here) and #100HappyDaysAtWork for our latest social media challenge - for recruiting, use hashtags like #JoinTheFlock or #LifeAtGlassdoor. Hosting events & contests while using hashtags that are searchable is a great way to reach a larger audience.

Remember: You can turn candidates into fans, or as we like to call them – fandidates of your brand!