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Startup Recruiting: How to Build Your Employer Brand & Attract Top Talent

Trying to recruit at a startup? While you may not be able to offer what the tech giants of Silicon Valley can, you still have something special: the opportunity to turn a dream into a reality. But how do you put that into words and create an employer brand worth taking notice of?

Brand reputation and company culture are essentials to building a winning company. 84% of Americans would consider leaving their current jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent reputation. From your temporary intern, all the way up to your SVP, job candidates of all levels value work-life balance and a culture that suits their lifestyles before making career decisions.

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Steve Burton, VP of Marketing at Glassdoor, will walk through the steps to building, maintaining, and promoting a strong employer brand.


Date: Thursday, May 1, 2014

Time: 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET

Learn to:

  • Build, maintain, and promote a strong employer brand
  • Leverage a branded careers website and mobile recruiting
  • Develop winning traits of highly rated CEOs and companies

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