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The state of employee voice: What employees want from employers

We've got the skinny on what employees want, what makes them stay, and what makes them want to hit the road. The data may surprise you. After talking to employers about employer branding and discussing with employees what company efforts mean to them, we found that both parties were often on two different pages, and in some cases, in a very different book. 

For starters, employees have strong feelings about the importance of workplace transparency - open, honest, two-way dialogue with leadership.  It's a key component of a strong employer brand. But a sizable number of employers aren't operating this way. And, as your employees see it, that's just the tip of the iceberg on what you're missing out on.

We put together an insightful report of key takeaways. Here's what it covers:


  • Which transparency practices employees value - and why
  • What strong employer branding looks like now
  • The stages of employer branding (and how to tell where your company falls on the spectrum)
  • How employers can evolve their branding practices to embed transparency and authenticity into their workplaces

Investing in the right efforts and authentic responses to employee feedback can help you emerge as a stronger, better company with employees who stay. Dig deeper into the findings with this graphic overview.

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