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How to Build & Maintain a Workforce for the Future Like Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by...
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When Cultures Clash: The Impact of a Corporate Transition on Employer Brand

With price cuts already underway, customers and investors are speculating wildly on how the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods w...
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Great Glassdoor Company Updates in August

Are you using Glassdoor Company Updates to share real-time social messages with job seekers who follow you on Glassdoor? If not...
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Revealing the 10 Most-Followed Companies on Glassdoor

What makes a great profile that attracts not only potential job seekers but enthusiastic company fans as well? To find out, Gla...
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Why Employer Branding Isn't Marketing Fluff

I began my career as a Java developer many moons ago. If you’d mentioned the words employer branding to me then, I would...
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