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How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors by Helping Them Earn More

If your company is ready to turn its workforce into powerful proponents of your employer brand and potential future CEOs, here ...
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7 Ways HR Plays a Role in a Brand Refresh

HR involvement in a company brand refresh is crucial. A brand refresh is an effort to update the look and feel of...
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How to Use the New Glassdoor Logo to Build Trust With Top Talent

Glassdoor is now the #2 job site in the US and as it continues to grow, it has become a resource that...
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Employer Branding, Meet Content Marketing

Glassdoor’s own Alicia Garibaldi joined Salesforce’s Marketing Cloudcast this week to discuss how employers can use content...
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5 Tips to Improve Your Employer Brand

Now more than ever, social media and sites like Glassdoor have become the place to post, share and search for reviews –...
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What Your Social Media Presence Says About Your Brand

Does your company have a website? Most likely, the answer is yes. Have you linked that website to your social media channels?...
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How to Turn Around a Negative Employer Brand

A positive employer brand means your company is a best place to work for your target audience. But what if your company is no...
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How to Use Analytics for Employer Branding

How do you measure employer branding success? Whether your company is just getting started or has a well-defined employer brand...
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10 Tips to Building an Unstoppable Employer Brand

In an effort to create a brand that truly stands out from the crowd, the pressure is on to uncover the secret...
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Companies Using Videos to Build Their Brand on Glassdoor

We live in a visual world. Seventy-six percent of job seekers want details on what makes a company an attractive place to...
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What Recruiters Can Learn from Marketers

Human resources has always been my thing but launching and growing my website, Blogging4Jobs, has also taught me a lot about em...
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What HR Needs to Know About Employer Branding

Employer brand management is key to a modern human resources strategy. So say 59 percent of employers, according to research by...
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