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How To Change Your Brand Without Losing Your Identity?

Have you ever been so focused on your clients and customers that your own business gets neglected? It’s an issue that I...
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Why Employer Branding Videos Work

The explosion in online video thanks to high-speed data connections on smartphones has radically shifted consumption away from ...
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How Your Employer Brand Differs From Your Consumer Brand

If your company is more than a few years old, you’ve probably given a lot of consideration to your consumer brand. A...
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Create a Corporate Culture Framework That Works for Your Business

Post-college, many Millennials are faced with the same, tedious and often-overwhelming question: “Who am I?” This unnerving...
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4 Absurd Myths About Employment Branding

In 2016, I’ve decided to make it my mission in life to prove that employment branding is not hard to do. In...
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Glassdoor's 2015 Recruiting Metrics: Revealed

It’s planning time! It’s time to figure out your 2016 recruiting goals, strategies and tactics. It’s also time to nail d...
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The Importance of Building your Personal Brand

The concept of developing your personal brand can be elusive, especially to early stage professionals. How do you define person...
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4 Ways to Leverage Marketing for Employment Branding

HR and talent acquisition pros probably didn’t consider marketing as a must-have skill when pursuing their career. Yes, in es...
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A Sneak Peek Into #GDSummit!

This Friday, Glassdoor is hosting our second annual Employer Branding Summit in San Francisco. The event sold out back in April...
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Build Your Social Brand: Engaging Millennials As Storytellers

By now, you’re probably well aware of the many advantages of having great company stories posted about employers on sites suc...
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How to Use Instagram to Build Your Employer Brand

Chances are, regardless of where you work, that a decent number of your employees are on Instagram. After all, Instagram was th...
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5 Tips on Using Snapchat for Your Employer Brand

This article originally appeared in Huffington Post Business, you can find the original article here. It’s 2015, so I thi...
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