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The Top 5 Onboarding Challenges in 2017

The hardest things about ramping new hires over the last twelve months are nearly universal. Do you struggle with #1?
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Chatbots in HR: How Artificial Intelligence Will Determine the Future of Recruitment

Ready to transform the HR and candidate experience, chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that are now increasing...
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Lunch Interview? 5 Reasons to Go Out Before Bringing a Candidate On

Having lunch with a potential candidate can help you suss out very quickly whether he or she is a great hire. Paying attention ...
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6 Things to Remember When Interviewing a Potential Candidate

What you need to think before, during and after the interview to be sure you’re hiring the right candidates for your open pos...
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What Would Bob Dylan Do? The Classic Rocker Guide to Building Employer Brand

If you’re thinking about your company image, it would be a mistake to overlook the sage advice of classic rockers like Bob Dy...
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Top 3 Elements of Glassdoor Reviews from a Candidate Perspective

Top talent doesn’t just scan the ratings and reviews on Glassdoor, they dive deep. Here are the 3 things top candidates say t...
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Should You Hire People with Noticeable Weaknesses?

As content manager at Day Translations, I have to admit, I’m a stickler for grammar. Or more accurately, I have an ingrained...
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How Slack Could Help Companies Put the “Candidate” Back Into “Candidate …

There’s one big problem with the candidate experience today: It’s not about the candidate at all. The employer is still in ...
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Understanding the Candidate Journey is a Recruiting Advantage

As recruiters, we face pressure to rapidly grow our teams. But in the process we often neglect the very candidates we’re hopi...
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The Candidate Breakup: 3 Recruiter Tips for Staying Friends

No one likes breaking up. Whether it is with a significant other or a prospective candidate, you should handle the situation wi...
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