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How to Have a Good Day at Work: Interview with author Caroline Webb

Caroline Webb shares her expert perspective on how to be happier at work – and weighs in on the value of Glassdoor.
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Arianna Huffington on the Power of Culture

The 10 Rules of Culture Huffington outlined in her can’t-miss keynote at Zenefits’ SHIFT: The Culture Conference.
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Revitalize Your Company Through Competitive Collaboration

How to use human innovation and moxie to break down silos and adopt a collective philosophy that optimizes productivity and ing...
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The War for Stars: Come to the Jedi Side

How to use Jedi mind tricks to attract top talent to your side and empower them to use the Force for good at your company.
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5 Ways Employers Can Celebrate Labor Day and Honor Their Employees

Amidst the end-of-summer hustle and bustle that engulfs Labor Day, it’s far too easy to forget why most Americans don’t hav...
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How a Flatter Structure May Benefit Your Company

Many companies tout a more open culture, where the layers between senior management and the front lines are minimal. In some of...
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Career Exploration Month: Why Glassdoor Swears By this Annual Program

Employees are attracted to – and stay with – companies that provide career growth opportunities. It’s one of the highest ...
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Employees First: 4 Ways to Create an Engaging Culture

How 4 companies are redesigning traditional HR processes to fit the employee experience to put their employees first and create...
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Slowing Down So Your Company Can Speed Up

Many industries are facing a hyper-competitive situation, with disruptions in business practices, products, services and delive...
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7 Steps to Creating a PTO-Friendly Culture

There’s a big difference between companies who offer up great PTO policies in theory while fostering an unspoken cultural sti...
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In-Depth Culture Advice from CEO and Co-Founder of Madwire

Madwire’s Glassdoor ratings could hardly be any better, which is why they ranked first for both Highest Rated CEO and Best Pl...
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Customer Retention: Can Glassdoor Reviews Help?

Glassdoor reviews are powerful tools for recruiting, but they’re also a highly effective way to influence consumer satisfacti...
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