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How I Lead a Diverse Team at Octagon

Diversity & Inclusion continues to be an often discussed topic and priority in many areas of life. We see it play out...
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New to Glassdoor? 5 Tips to Get Started, According to An Engagement Expert

A little over a year ago I sat down with my leader and our communications manager to discuss my new role and...
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5 Ways to Engage Employees and Win New Customers

What does it take to be a customer-focused company? Consistently high ratings for customer service are not just the result of b...
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5 Ways Groupon Took Employer Branding to the Next Level

Employer branding is like an art, and just like an artist, it takes some work to master your craft. Recently, Groupon decided...
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WilsonHCG Sees 2X More Qualified Applicants using Glassdoor

A successful company needs a solid product and profit, but can’t do anything without a great team of people behind it. In...
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How Kaiser Permanente Used Glassdoor to Improve Employer Branding: Video Testimonial

Employer branding can be tricky in any industry, but recruiting for healthcare involves branding your organization to myriad ro...
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VMware Makes 20 Hard-to-Fill Engineering Hires through Glassdoor

Looking to find great engineering hires? You’re not alone. Finding qualified engineers for your company can be one of the mo...
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Glassdoor Employer Response Advice

Recently, 90% of Glassdoor’s surveyed users reported that they find the employer’s perspective useful when making a decisio...
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Box Gains 2X Greater Influence Over Millennial Job Seekers in the Bay Area

Competing for quality candidates is already a challenge but tech recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area is near to impossible...
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Cigna’s Approach to Employee Engagement

Cigna is one of the world’s largest health service companies and insurance providers. The company has 35,000 dedicated employ...
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Texas Roadhouse is Proud to Be a Best Place to Work

Since Glassdoor announced its Employees’ Choice Awards for the Best Places to Work in 2014, companies have been loud and prou...
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MED-CARE Diabetic & Medical Supplies Improves Time-to-Hire by 60 Days

In this week’s Glassdoor product demo, we asked employers about their recruiting strategy for 2014. The poll question: “Wh...
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