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Building an Employer Brand From Scratch

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” said Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. In other words...
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What You Can Measure on Glassdoor

With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account, you gain access to a fountain of analytics, intelligence and trends in your Employer Ce...
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Why Employer Branding Videos Work

The explosion in online video thanks to high-speed data connections on smartphones has radically shifted consumption away from ...
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How to Build a Highly Effective Feedback Program

In my past experience, the HR department has generally been fairly robust with a ratio of about 60 employees to one HR...
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How to Respond to Glassdoor Reviews to Build Candidate Trust

Responding to Glassdoor reviews from the employer perspective is free, simple and hugely valuable to your employer brand. Find ...
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From Buzz to Brand: Leveraging Employee Reviews to Inspire Your Social Strategy

Like it or not, public opinion matters, and if you’re looking to hire, employee reviews are your strongest gauge of company r...
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Say "Thank You!" 2nd of 5 Tips for Responding to Glassdoor Reviews

In part one of our series on the art of responding to Glassdoor reviews, we touted the employer benefits of answering promptly....
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Glassdoor Employer Response Advice

Recently, 90% of Glassdoor’s surveyed users reported that they find the employer’s perspective useful when making a decisio...
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Why Photos Are a Must for Your Employer Brand

As social media has become the leading way of connecting with others and with brands, photo sharing has become the choice metho...
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Does Your Company Really Have an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is the promise you make to potential employees, as well as the impression they have of your company, and...
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