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Announcing Glassdoor Chicago’s New Offices

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new Chicago office at 1330 West Fulton – a brand-new, modern and eco-consciou...
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The Brutal Truth About Why Nobody Wants to Work for Your Company

One of the biggest complaints I'm hearing from executive teams across the country right now is,"We can't find the right talent."
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A Lesson from Unilever on Enhancing Your Employer Brand through Glassdoor

Here at Unilever, cultivating a strong employer brand is of the highest importance. Why? Because maintaining our position as an...
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Why Hiring for Retail is Getting More Competitive (and Retailers Need to Focus on Employer…

If your business is involved at all with retail, you know how important branding is. The brand of your store, the brands of the...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Corporate Transition

Your employer brand is part of your corporate brand. Therefore, any activities affecting your corporate brand will trickle down...
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5 Ways to Protect Your Employer Brand by Closing the Loop with Candidates

In today's competitive talent market, many companies (including Salesforce) have teams of recruiters reaching out to prospectiv...
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What Would Bob Dylan Do? The Classic Rocker Guide to Building Employer Brand

If you’re thinking about your company image, it would be a mistake to overlook the sage advice of classic rockers like Bob Dy...
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Bike to Work Day Checklist

National Bike to Work Week is May 15–19, and it’s an incredible opportunity to build company morale, underscore wellness, p...
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7 Ways HR Plays a Role in a Brand Refresh

HR involvement in a company brand refresh is crucial. A brand refresh is an effort to update the look and feel of...
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3 Tips to Get Executives on Board with Responding to Reviews

“I don’t want to focus on Glassdoor; it’s the Yelp for employers.” “Glassdoor is only for disgruntled employees.” S...
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7 Simple Employer Brand KPIs to Measure Performance

A strong employer brand is the foundation of an engaged workplace and an effective recruitment strategy. Your employer brand is...
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10 HR and Recruiting Stats We Wish We Knew Last Year

Amidst the craziness of sifting through resumes, managing job listings and coordinating with hiring managers, it can be challen...
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