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Bumble CEO: How To Build A Workplace Where Women Can Thrive

When I started the company in 2014 I noticed a gender imbalance in the dating world that I wanted to help solve....
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How to Recruit and Retain Phenomenal Women in 2018

Between #MeToo, Time’s Up and the buzz around equal pay, it’s been quite the year for women in the workplace. But in...
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How Actor Justin Baldoni Wants Men to Break Glass Ceilings

Four resources to leverage to break glass ceilings in the workplace, plus a perspective on why men should play a role in shatte...
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9 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Interviews

Is your company seeking to improve business performance? If so, increasing gender diversity might be one way to do it.
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Be Bold for Change

Hotwire is making a commitment to #BeBoldForChange and investing in initiatives to open up conversations surrounding equality, ...
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10 Ways to Promote Gender Equality at Your Company

More than half a century after the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed into law, equal pay has not yet been...
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