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Google Now Features Glassdoor Pay Data In Job Search

For years, Glassdoor has known that job seekers want more salary information during their job search. By offering more pay info...
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Glassdoor Partners with Google at Launch of New Job Search Feature

Glassdoor, the fastest growing U.S. job site, is excited to partner with Google in the launch of its new job search feature, ou...
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9 Companies Thriving Since Glassdoor’s Launch

Nine years ago this June, Robert Hohman founded Glassdoor in an old guitar manufacturing warehouse, along with two of his forme...
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Showcasing Thought Leadership: Where to Start?

We all work diligently to excel in our various fields and roles. Each day we put our best foot forward in an...
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Revealing the 10 Most-Followed Companies on Glassdoor

What makes a great profile that attracts not only potential job seekers but enthusiastic company fans as well? To find out, Gla...
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