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We’re Listening: Glassdoor Surveys Employers on Recruiting Challenges

Is attracting quality candidates a challenge at your organization? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone – a new survey by...
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Announcing Our Biggest Event of the Year! Glassdoor Recruit: Win With Informed Candidates

Announcing Glassdoor Recruit, coming to Chicago on September 19th. Our first-ever recruiting focused conference is designed to ...
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The Purple Squirrel of Glossaries: 5 Recruiting Terms You Need to Know

What do purple squirrels and recruiting glossaries have in common? They’re both extremely rare. That’s why we put together ...
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9 Ways Recruiting Has Changed Since Glassdoor Launched

9 years! In less than a decade since Glassdoor came on the scene, the world of recruiting has completely transformed. Candidate...
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9 Employer Branding Strategies You Can Do on Glassdoor Today

1. Sponsor your jobs. Your company’s job listings are already on Glassdoor, but when you sponsor your jobs, they get the boos...
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5 Articles Staffing Professionals Should Read Right Now

The staffing industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. To stay on your game, remain competitive in the hiring space, and ...
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What is The Informed Candidate?

Informed Candidates are the people you want – and recruiting them on Glassdoor saves employers time and money. Once they’re...
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