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4 Ways to Lead with Mission and Purpose to Attract Informed Candidates

How to attract and keep great employees engaged by filling them with a sense of purpose.
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5 Ways to Protect Your Employer Brand by Closing the Loop with Candidates

In today's competitive talent market, many companies (including Salesforce) have teams of recruiters reaching out to prospectiv...
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9 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Interviews

Is your company seeking to improve business performance? If so, increasing gender diversity might be one way to do it.
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Top 3 Elements of Glassdoor Reviews from a Candidate Perspective

Top talent doesn’t just scan the ratings and reviews on Glassdoor, they dive deep. Here are the 3 things top candidates say t...
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How Recruiting Can Influence Your Company Culture

When Greenhouse was just starting out, we were all sitting in a small room together and our company culture seemed to grow...
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Don’t Ask These Illegal Interview Questions

Employment discrimination is a sensitive topic. Unfortunately, the interview process presents many opportunities for employees ...
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Stop Asking These 4 Interview Questions

Are you still asking questions recommended by 20th Century job search hiring guides? If so, you’re probably not getting the m...
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Why HR Should Consider Asking Oddball Interview Questions

Ask a job seeker what his or her weaknesses are and chances are they will say they work too hard. Ask that...
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3 Ways to Leverage Glassdoor in Interviews

Employers will often tell us that they hear about Glassdoor very frequently during the interview process. This makes sense beca...
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Top 10 Food Service Companies for Interview Experience

Hiring food service talent is tricky. Not only do you need to find a candidate with the proper motivation to get the...
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Top 10 Finance Companies for Interview Experience

Hiring finance talent is tricky. Not only do you need to find a candidate with a highly specialized skill set, you need...
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Top 10 Tech Companies for Interview Experience

Hiring tech talent is tricky. Not only do you need to find the best hire (needle) in the field (giant haystack), you...
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