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Happy Anniversary, Glassdoor!

Glassdoor launched nine years ago with a mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love and is making si...
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How Recruiting Can Influence Your Company Culture

When Greenhouse was just starting out, we were all sitting in a small room together and our company culture seemed to grow...
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Software Engineer Job Description

Nearly 5,000 companies are looking to recruit Software Engineers and only one in four are looking to leave their current jobs (...
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Account Executive Job Description

Writing job descriptions that stand out from the crowd can be challenging. There are 167,561 Account Executive positions open a...
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HR Manager Job Description

Writing any job description can be a daunting task. But if you want to attract the right candidates, it’s critical to get...
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Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing Manager is one of the most clicked on marketing job titles on Glassdoor (Glassdoor Site Data, August 2016). Writing a...
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What Do Your Candidates Really Want?

You’re probably already measuring source of hire. You can see which percentage of hires come from job boards, LinkedIn, refer...
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Changing Your Job Description

Searching for a job can be incredibly monotonous. One formulaic job description after another — it’s enough to make one’s...
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The Candidate Breakup: 3 Recruiter Tips for Staying Friends

No one likes breaking up. Whether it is with a significant other or a prospective candidate, you should handle the situation wi...
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5 Job Description Mistakes That Scare Away Top Talent

A friend of mine recently became frustrated with her job search when it came to job descriptions. “Every company wants 5+ ye...
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