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How a Flatter Structure May Benefit Your Company

Many companies tout a more open culture, where the layers between senior management and the front lines are minimal. In some of...
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Performance Reviews: Throw Them Away or Do Them Every Week?

For some people, the words “performance review” evoke a sense of angst and apprehension. At the mere mention, employees env...
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What Makes a Good Boss

You know when you have a good boss, but how do you become one yourself? We’ve identified 6 key attributes of a great boss, pl...
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Screw Up Management – How To Deal With Someone Who Made A Serious Mistake

To err is human. It’s a fact of life. The reasons for making a big mistake are various and not all of...
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Snapping the Link Between Performance Management and Pay

Awarding higher pay and bonuses to top performers seems like the straightforward way to incentivize and retain great employees....
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How Will Generation Z Affect the Workplace?

No two generations are the same. The attitudes, passions, strengths and weaknesses of each generation are molded by the world a...
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6 Lessons About Company Culture From Harry Potter

You can love the work you do at your job. You can be passionate about the results. But if your workplace’s company...
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The 9 Pillars of Employee Engagement

At the heart of it, engagement is about people—understanding, motivating, and connecting with them. That makes engagement a c...
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How to Manage Millennials: Strategies for Success

A lot has been said and written regarding Millennials as employees, and much of it is pure speculation, not based on research....
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Wise Up to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As employers we hold a certain amount of power. I don’t just mean writing the checks and providing financial stability; I mea...
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Benefits of Workplace Transparency

When an organization is more transparent with their employees they tend to be more successful. This type of environment leaves...
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Why Every Leader (And Consultant) Should Read Glassdoor

This post originally appeared on Forbes.com.  Perception is reality, especially when it comes to attracting and hiring top tal...
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