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5 HR & Recruiting Metrics You Aren’t Tracking (But Should!)

Metrics can be a powerful tool, delivering the hard truth about company results, discovering important trends, and revealing un...
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Are You Getting the Most Out of Talent Analytics?

In an age of big data, more and more companies are ramping their analytics teams. Their goal? Make better decisions based on...
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The Best Way to Measure Your Recruiting Efforts: Source of Influence

The candidate journey is no longer a linear experience that consists of a candidate deciding to look for a job, screening ads,...
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5 Metrics Every Recruiter Should Care About

As I sat down to begin this post, I decided to start out with some good old-fashioned Internet research. Googling the term...
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Is Your Recruiting Team Doing These 7 Things?

Is your recruiting team doing enough to help your company win the war for talent? I’ve worked at companies prior to Glassdoor...
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In-House Recruiting vs Agency: How to Make the Transition

There are fundamental differences in strategy between agency-style recruiting and in-house recruiting. The purpose of this post...
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What's Wrong With Your Recruiting Metrics

One of the beautiful aspects of the recruiting profession is that most of the activities can be measured in finite detail. Ever...
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8 HR Metrics and Formulas

The human resources department is not income generating.  We measure our value and effectiveness not in sales numbers, but the...
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