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Why You Should Think Twice About Promoting Top Performers to Management

Let’s say you’ve been managing an extraordinarily competent employee for over a year now. As a marketing associate, she alw...
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How to Manage Performance In Agile Teams

How HR can empower nimble teams to customize performance appraisals for their specific initiatives while upholding overarching ...
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Screw Up Management – How To Deal With Someone Who Made A Serious Mistake

To err is human. It’s a fact of life. The reasons for making a big mistake are various and not all of...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Great Salesperson

It’s often been said – and I’ve seen in real world experience – that engineers are the hardest hire to find and...
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Snapping the Link Between Performance Management and Pay

Awarding higher pay and bonuses to top performers seems like the straightforward way to incentivize and retain great employees....
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How Will Generation Z Affect the Workplace?

No two generations are the same. The attitudes, passions, strengths and weaknesses of each generation are molded by the world a...
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