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How To Make Sure Your Benefits Outrank Competitors’

In a job seeker’s market — that is, when there are more jobs than people looking for them — qualified candidates can a...
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3 Strategies for Engaging Your Superstar Employees That Don’t Involve Perks

In this hyper-competitive global marketplace where capital is abundant, barriers to entry are low, and technological dominance ...
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8 Must-Offer Benefits That’ll Attract & Recruit Working Moms

There is a lot of female talent out there, and if you know which benefits to offer, you can hire that talent...
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17 Ways Southwest Created a Great Company Culture

“Where do you work?” Many of our employees have shared with us that they love answering this question, because their respon...
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Top 20 Benefits and Perks and Why They Matter

Did you know nearly 3 in 5 (57%) of candidates report benefits and perks amongst their top considerations when weighing a job...
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How to Recruit A Marketing Manager

Hold the ping-pong tables and video games: recruiting for marketing roles shouldn’t rely on happy hours or entertainment in t...
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Announcing: Glassdoor’s Pets at Work Photo Contest

Do you have a pet friendly workplace? Perhaps you’re willing to make an exception for National Bring Your Pet to Work day?...
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4 Things to Consider Before Cutting Benefits

In a candidate-driven market, benefits are vital to attract candidates as well as to retain employees long-term. According to a...
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Tip #3 From Best Place to Work Winners

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared two tips from Glassdoor’s 2016 Best Places to Work winners. Each year, we work to...
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Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks

There’s no doubt many employers have upped their benefits game in recent years. With everything from dogs in the office to ca...
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Watch Out, Workforce: Millennials are Here!

Admire or admonish them, much has been written about the Millennial generation: individuals now ages 18 to 34. They make up you...
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3 Perks You Didn’t Know Millennials Would Love

Are your benefit packages attracting Millennials? How can you be sure? These are questions many employers ask these days, inc...
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