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5 Ways to Save Money & Time After Hiring a New Employee

The time and costs associated with hiring a new employee can be significant, to the tune of $4,000 per hire for many...
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The Surprising Link Between Corporate Culture and Fraud

Building a company culture that is authentic and inspiring is worth the effort for so many reasons. Happier employees boost pro...
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How to Encourage Your Employees to Own Their Individual Value in a Teamwork Environment

The key to empowering individual contributors while energizing your company as a whole? It’s all about enabling employees to ...
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How Employees Use Vacation Time

Vacation time is a treasured benefit by employees: it’s the number 2 ranked benefit contributing to employee satisfaction as ...
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The Science Behind Multitasking and How It Slowly Erodes Productivity

On the surface, multitasking seems like a winning proposition. After all, if you work on two projects at once, then you’ll fi...
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Why Should Your Company Have a No Meetings Day?

Why should your company have a no meetings day? It happens far too often. You get to the office with a coffee...
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3 Company Performance Indicators That Will Make or Break Your Company

Want to really find out how your business is performing? Setting and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) for your compa...
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Tips for Inspiring Your Staff to Be More Productive

According to Dictionary.com, the definition for “productivity” is: “the quality, state, or fact of being able...
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How to Hire a Team That Gets Sh*t Done

On my current team, we have a strong culture of getting sh*t done. We set our goals extremely high and we’re not...
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Five Ways It’s Your Fault When Employees Slack Off

A happy employee equals a productive one. Every company wants their employees working optimally but often they unwittingly un...
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