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3 Keys to Making Your Hiring Manager Your Ally

In some ways, being a successful recruiter is like being on Survivor, the popular reality TV show where castaways vote each oth...
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How to Scan a Cover Letter

There’s an art and a science to quickly assessing a cover letter. Our breakdown helps you get strategic right from the start.
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6 Signs You’re a Natural-Born Recruiter

Are you wired to crush it in the talent acquisition game? Here’s how you can tell...
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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Recruiting Software

Recruiting is a fast-paced occupation. In order to attract and hire top talent, it’s critical that you execute as quickly and...
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What Recruiters Can Learn from 3 Super Bowl Automobile Ads

There’s a lot of water cooler conversation today on the topic of painful losses and epic wins, thanks to a nail-biter of...
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Software Engineer Job Description

Nearly 5,000 companies are looking to recruit Software Engineers and only one in four are looking to leave their current jobs (...
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Account Executive Job Description

Writing job descriptions that stand out from the crowd can be challenging. There are 167,561 Account Executive positions open a...
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HR Manager Job Description

Writing any job description can be a daunting task. But if you want to attract the right candidates, it’s critical to get...
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Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing Manager is one of the most clicked on marketing job titles on Glassdoor (Glassdoor Site Data, August 2016). Writing a...
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How to Recruit Me: Software Engineer

Hi. Yo­­­­u’ve probably seen me around the office. I’m one of the talented, hardworking software engineers at our compa...
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5 Ways to Become a 100% Better Recruiter

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, where we’re all moving a mile a minute to find and hire the right candidates for...
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Event Recap: Toronto Best Places to Work Roadshow

Not long ago, I was a student of Humber College’s graduate public relations program, where between lectures I would dreamily ...
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