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5 Reasons Your Job Description Attracted the Wrong Applicant

For small business owners, each new hire is an extension of you and your brand. This is especially true for care professionals...
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How to Hire an Employee in California

Businesses operating in California have direct access to one of the largest economies in the country, not to mention the world....
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5 Things Nietzsche Can Teach Us About HR

Friedrich Nietzsche is a celebrated German philosopher from the 18th century whose philosophies are universal and timeless. Mos...
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Don’t Have HR to Back You Up?

Small Businesses have to struggle through some serious hardships on their road to success. This is especially true for the smal...
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Small Business Recruiting on Glassdoor with Talend

About 400 balloons filled the office of Brent Holloway, Talend’s vice president of Corporate Sales. It was Holloway’s birth...
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Are Counteroffers Hurting Your Business?

Is your small business is working hard to hold onto talented employees? If so, you may not be happy to hear about...
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How a Mission Statement Can Help You Hire Right

Do you have a mission statement for your small business? If so, is it tucked away in a drawer somewhere, or is...
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Creating High-Performance Teams for Your Small Business

Every small business owner wants to create high-performance teams. But what exactly defines a high-performance team, and how ca...
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5 Ways to Attract Employees When Opening a Small Business

You’re opening a small business, and there are a million things to think about. One of them is hiring employees—but how are...
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It's Getting Harder to Hire Millennials

No doubt you’ve seen all the news stories about how Millennials fresh out of college have $100,000 student loans hanging ove...
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Telecommuting Benefits for Employers

Are you trying to recruit new employees? Then you’d better be sure telecommuting is an option for your staff. Employees love ...
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Retaining Senior Workers with Millennials

Does your small business rely on employees age 55 or even 65 and up? A growing number of workplaces do, as more...
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