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How to Ensure Hires Are Values-Compatible

Values-centric companies are built by values-centric employees. And you attract these employees by enshrining your company’s ...
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How Companies Can Establish Their Core Values

In my 12 years at Zappos, I’ve helped set up the recruiting program to scour the planet for people who are fun...
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7 Ways HR Plays a Role in a Brand Refresh

HR involvement in a company brand refresh is crucial. A brand refresh is an effort to update the look and feel of...
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Culture Fit or Culture Add? How to Hire Employees Who Enhance Your Culture

It’s no longer good enough to offer employees a paycheck and health benefits. If you want to attract and retain top talent, y...
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6 Lessons About Company Culture From Harry Potter

You can love the work you do at your job. You can be passionate about the results. But if your workplace’s company...
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Imagine Learning's Passion Is Love Made Visible

When’s the last time you felt passionate about what you do? According to a Deloitte University Press report, 88 percent of th...
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Talent Branding: What’s In a Name?

That infamous question – What’s in a name? As we tragically found out, a lot. A name can carry thoughts, feelings a...
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Top Companies for Culture & Values: Winners Share Tips

Today, Glassdoor released our inaugural list of the Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values (2014). Company culture is one ...
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